Action Research for Schools

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“Action Research is a fancy way of saying let’s study what’s happening at our school and decide how to make it a better place.” Emily Calhoun (1994)
Action Research = Look ----- Think ------ Act
From the above definitions it can be drawn that action research is a method of resolving the immediate problem by principals, teachers, administrators, etc. to bring out improvement in their day-to-day functioning. It also provides administrators the ideas that help them to solve problems related to in-service training, school improvement/management programmes etc.

Characteristics of Action Research
The main characteristics of action research are listed as under
1. Action research is based on scientific inquiry;
2. Study or examine a local issue;
3. Action research focuses on problems that are of immediate concern;
4. It involves practical problem solving approach;
5. It is seeking to understand social systems and the process of change within them;
6. Designed and conducted by practitioners;
7. Collect data, analyze, and make decisions;
8. Change practice based on the data;
9. Share with colleagues.

Objectives of Action Research
• To improve school environment for running smooth teaching and learning process.
• To develop positive attitude among teachers and…
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