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Outline Broad Topic #5: Using two examples covered in H100, analyze the efficacy of various techniques used by military units to obtain actionable intelligence in order to achieve mission success. What factors have proved, over time to be the greatest obstacles to obtaining actionable intelligence? In your analysis, be sure to address what techniques appear to be most favored by military forces—and why. How effective have such techniques been in the past and how effective do you believe they will be in the near future? In your conclusion, identify the techniques you believe will best help U.S. Soldiers obtain actionable intelligence in the contemporary operating environment. Narrow Topic: Intimidation and perception are obstacles…show more content…
Assistance with rebuilding the local infrastructure increased the trust of the coalition forces and the local populace IV. Conclusion A. Have as much information about the local populace as possible and, respect their cultureal B. Utilize all available assets to prepare for mission success. Abstract This paper will emphasize the benefits and importance that actionable intelligence plays in the mission planning process. Obstacles have existed for years that have hindered the process in which information has been collected from the local populace. ; however, iInstead of identifying how to correct the issues the US Army has continuously revised the process to fit the current situation and/or demographics. This paper will explain how the US Army has begun to revise their thoughts its procedures and methods thereby reducing the hindrances and rectifying the process. They have begun to take steps to earn the trust of the local populace which has resulted in improvements in the data gathering process. The utilization of actionable intelligence is invaluable during peacetime and war in evaluating aspects of the enemy and conditions that Soldiers face during battle. I define aActionable intelligence is defined as information that is critical in nature and readily available for a specific operation and demographic. The process in of gathering actionable intelligence is sometimes
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