Actions Of The Whole Body Essay

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Focus: Actions of the whole body Grade range: ELL group – K-1 Organization: First, students will perform various moves individually and then they will dance in pairs. Equipment: None Objectives • Students will practice various locomotor and nonlocomotor movements • Students will demonstrate the understanding of new vocabulary words for actions, animals and parts of the body by using various body movements Body Movements • Head turning – make slow moves with your head from right to left • Neck bending – move your neck down trying to touch your knees; • Shrugging – raise and lower your shoulders • Waving – raise your hand an move it back and forth or from side to side • Clapping – hit the palms of your hands together more than once • Thumping – hit your chest softly • Arching – put your hands on the floor and bend your back into the shape of an arch • Wriggling – twist your body from side to side with small quick movements as a worm • Knee bending – bend your knees and lower your body to the ground • Kicking – place your hands on the floor and move one leg and then another • Stomping – walk in place heavily and noisily • Toe wiggling – lift your leg and move you toe up and down or from side to side with short quick motions Success for All: The activity will help ELL students learn and remember new vocabulary words. Introduction • “We are going to read a book titled From Head to Toe. Look at the cover and try to guess what the book is about”. Call on several students and let
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