Activ Active Listening Differences

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Differences are evident between the communication styles of men and women. Men want their conversations to leave people with the impression they are independent and their status is high (Koonce, 1997, p. 35).

Different communication styles are shown to be effective, which can be combined or used alone. “Channel richness is the capacity of a communication channel to effectively carry information” (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 375). Men are more likely to indulge in the high richness channel, as they want to show their dominance. For example, the male manager at my work achieves high richness as a result of conducting the work face-to-face meetings, compared to the female manager posting the reminders on the office wall. Although wall posts are an impersonal way to convey the message and it is low in richness, it is a fast way to communicate to other employees in the workforce (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 375).
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373). Effective active listening includes understanding the content, listening and responding to feelings, noting signals and paraphrasing and restating the content the listener was told (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 373). For example, males at my work, nod their head and say yes once an instruction has been given. However, the women listen deeply, they respond to the talker, notice the hand signals given and repeat the instruction back to ensure they have fully understood. Women view their communication style is to connect and build relationships with others (Koonce, 1997, p. 35).

Body language is a non verbal form of communication, however, it reinforces the message. Body language can include the way a person sits, movements, expressions and eye contact, to name a few (Schermerhorn, 2014, p. 374). For example, at work the males fold their arms across their body, whereas the females have more open body language by using hand
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