Active Directory Proposal

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Active Directory Proposal Users and administrators of the current Windows Domain infrastructure have identified a few problems and concerns with the design. The administration team is proposing a new Active Directory (AD) design that will address some if not all of the identified concerns. This document will detail those concerns, the proposal, and how the proposal addresses those concerns. Concerns Several concerns have been brought to the administration team regarding problems with the current design. Additionally, the administration team has analyzed these concerns and identified three primary concerns that can be better addressed with AD. These concerns reflect issues with productivity loss and reduced security. The first concern is the ability for any user to log into any system on the network. This exposes sensitive corporate and financial documents and programs to unauthorized individuals. While it is possible to restrict domain logins to specific computers, this required more administrative overhead than the business was willing to pay. Secondly, users have complained about the amount of time required for access requests to be performed. This is due to the lack of sufficient administrative resources to rapidly perform these requests. This means that productivity is lost while new or recently transferred employees wait for their access requests to be filled. The third concern is that frequently privileged users have unintentionally made changes to systems
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