Active Learning Is The Best Option Of Learning

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Active learning is productive, enhances opportunities and is supported or directed by technology. However, that is not to say that active learning is the best option of learning for all.
To determine how well students learn while not physically in a classroom we need to evaluate how well learning takes place in on-line classroom environments. Skorton (2013) documented “that an online course has the potential to transform higher educations with substantial benefits for students, their eventual employers, and participating communities.” Therefore, evaluation of learning environments indicates a real measure of the effectiveness of what is learned.

Experiments have shown the way that it is beneficial to a person’s daily activities or student however; from experiences, there should be a means to demonstrate what is learned. Did learning take place, at least to meet defined objectives from a class or other learning environments? To me learning via collaborative, instructional, and with a team of mixed backgrounds can promote a higher degree (Jones 1995).

My initial thoughts on this subject were that active learning seems to be a bit more difficult in an online course that it would be sitting in an actual classroom with the personal and physical interactions of others. That is unless there are sessions providing interactive, near real time or live online classes.

Learning in a classroom or while sitting at home on the couch accessing classrooms through online resources is…
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