Active Learning Philosophy

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When we prepare children for life. We have to bring lot of changes to the teaching methodology. My personal philosophy is to create positive learning environment through active learning. Teaching and learning are the two sides of a coin... Students can learn best when they are motivated. To motivate them for learning teacher need to be well prepared and motivated him/herself. Students enjoyed learning if the activity is fun. Therefor an effective strategy can help students to get involved in the lesson and they get to know what they learn best.

Teachers need to use different methods to teach and provide the opportunity to explore, investigate, solving problems. When the students are actively participating, they learn faster and retain knowledge better. Progressivism educational philosophy promotes child-center learning.
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In addition another term are also used to refer this method is active learning since students are actively involved in the learning. In addition, the teacher serves as a facilitator, rather than transmitting knowledge. In the learner-centered design, learning becomes primary while the actual the content knowledge of the subject is considered as secondary (as cited in Cranton, 1998). When this design is considered, the teacher gives additional focus to the improvement of higher order intellectual and cognitive skills in the learners. The learners are more empowered learners and they are considered more autonomous (Kavanoz, 2006) (as cited inCranton, 1998).
However in the teacher centered approaches do not give much attention to the learners needs. The teacher carries out the lesson as a lecture and there is not much interaction between the two parties and the students remain as passive recipients of the knowledge (Kavanoz,
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