Active Listening Can Be Described In Brief As Listening

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Active listening can be described in brief as listening to a person carefully and with an open mind, which endeavors to fetch a grasp of the other on a greatly profound level. Guidelines for active listening is to give people your attention, be ready to paraphrase, use questions if you don 't understand, acknowledge the others person feelings, encourage if the other person appears uncertain, do not react or respond in other ways until it is clear that the other person has finished. (The role of Active listening in conflict resolution, 2012). [1] For example, you are the accounting manager of a company and you have two accountants Sarah and John. John was employed since two months and Sarah has been with the company for ten years. John is…show more content…
Clarification includes questions that seek to clear uncertainties and fetch more understanding of the other person’s intentions and fears. Misunderstood or inadequate information is the main barrier to understanding; that 's why clarification is important. After that, you should recognize the other person 's feelings. This is called digging. It concentrates on the feelings of a person without making them the clear focus of the argument. Observing emotional reactions adds a further aspect to the understanding of a person 's situation. It is mainly helpful when there seems to be an inconsistency between the content of a message and the person 's feelings as it permits us to discover the speaker’s actual approach toward a subject. Subsequently, you should see if the other person seems to be doubtful or uncertain. You should acknowledge the feelings that a person is experiencing as it is an influential evidence of our awareness and serious attempt to understand his situation. (The role of Active listening in conflict resolution, 2012). [3] Once more, it’s essential that, once these workers are required to resolve their arguments, you should attempt to understand their feelings and make them feel noticed. If the accounting division is small and you cannot reschedule employees or workers straightforwardly, you may think of modifying their work structure, so they should not work together as much as possible. This is not perfect in most cases, but it’s a tiny compromise to
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