Active One It Will Exercise Less Power

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active one it will exercise less power. Judicially active courts court doesn 't focus on the exact wording of the constitution but instead on how it can be applied to the modern day society. Despite this the Supreme Court is still limited by the wording of the constitution itself, while the court is given options in interpreting it cannot categorically change it. For example while the federal government may want to change a number of aspects in America such as gun control they are restricted by the 2nd Amendment. Furthermore the Constitution itself can be changed with amendments, although it rarely does this can impose a serious limit on the Supreme Court’s power. It does so by making the decisions the Supreme Court makes obsolete for example when the voting age was reduced to 18, Oregon refused and the Supreme Court supported them, this was then forced when the 26th Amendment came into place a year later in 1971. The real topic of debate is whether the decisions they make are made morally, and without pressure from parties or the public. One of the most interesting situations where the Supreme Court has made the decision is the case of Bush v. Gore. The Supreme Court theoretically decided the 2000 presidential election. The polls closed in Florida with less than 600 votes between Al Gore and George Bush. A recount by hand was required due to confusion about incorrectly filled out tickets. The Supreme Court ruled that there would not be a recount, as there could be no
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