Active Participation In Video Games

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Media such as books, television, and radio and the stories told through these mediums have only bean consumed with no input from the reader.these mediums do not encourage active participation in their consumption and often times commenting during such things is considered rude. Attempts have been made at incorporating participation into these mediums before choose your own adventure books are a good example of a passive media trying to incorporate active participation. These attempts have not been wildly successful. Choose your own adventure books don't have the permanence in choice that would make them a truly engaging experience the reader can always go back and change his/her decision. With the creation of video games we have…show more content…
When telling stories we hope to capture the emotion of the tragedy that is being played out. A good example of showing how choice can affect the experience of a story is The Walking Dead show and the Telltale Walking Dead adventure game. Both versions of The Walking Dead take place in the same universe but follow different characters. The story of The walking dead Takes place in a post apocalyptic zombie infested america and follows a different group of people depending on if you are playing the game or watching the show. The story of both versions fallows your group as they try to survive the apocalypse. The onlythign that makes The Walkign Dead video game a markedly different experience to watching the show is the choices you make regarding the actions of your…show more content…
Unlike the show the task of keeping your party members alive is up to you. The show may convey loss but it's not as visceral of an experience as it is in the game. Puting choice into the hands of the consumer gives them agency over the events of the game and connecting them to the outcome of what ever choices they make because these choices are theirs.

One of the ways that The Walking Dead video game makes its choices meaningful is by giving the main character Lee Everett the responsibility of being a parental figure to a young girl Clementine. The game forces you to make choices regarding what situations that you are in and you have to consider what will happen to clementine in the scenarios that you place yourself in giving your choices another layer of meaning and impact.

The walking dead video game is an exemplary example of how introducing choice into a story can affect the experience that we get from the story. Giving the player the ability to make choices that decide the fates of characters in their party and making the player a parental figure ads depth to the story that you don’t get from the television show of the same name. The act of adding choice to this story gives the player a sense of responsibility for the characters you can't
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