Active Reading Notes : The Wars

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Active Reading Notes: The Wars By Priyak Gehani Section 1 – Pages 1 to 33 Page Notes 2 • “In such dangerous … the worst” o The quote at the outset of the book speaks of the seriousness of war and the intent of war is to disarm your enemy by destroying its military forces. Therefore expressing a profound idea that goodness does not prevail in war. This was possibly stated by the author to lay the groundwork for the story and for the readers to perceive the situation through this lens, or theme 5 • Narrative Form – Location - Railroad tracks present as well as steam engine indicates a time period after the 1700’s • The first thing we see in this book is the horse on the tracks setting it up to be an important part of the plot. Also when talking about the horse Findley refers to it as a she, giving the horse a human like further establishing it as an important part of the plot. Alongside that, It is not distinguishable that a horse or an animal in general is being talked about until it states “and her right front hoof was raised” • Definition – Lapels – folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat • Narrative form – Topology – Imagery - Robert is present in a worn out damaged uniform with lapels indicating a possible connection to the armed forces and the damage creates a sense of the harsh environment he is present in 6 • When talking about Robert Ross freeing the horses Findley shows there to be different views on the action. In doing so he distinguishes Robert’s
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