Active Shooter

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Active School Shooter Introduction The intention of this paper is to look at and present some issues and strategies that members of a school community think about when trying to create safer schools. Particularly when addressing an active shooter in a school setting. A major issue to consider when trying to keep all schools safe, is the simple fact that no two schools are the same. Understanding this can lead us to the conclusion that it is impossible to have one global plan or program that can be 100% effective in all schools. “Violence prevention programs work best when they incorporate multiple strategies and address the full range of possible acts of violence in schools. For any set of policies to work, it must be established and…show more content…
It would be a wise idea for school administrators to have a comprehensive security assessment of the school’s physical design, safety policies, and emergency procedures. Once again this must be conducted with the cooperation of school staff, emergency personnel, students, and other school community members. Every school has different needs and safety plans may vary. According to the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police), there are twenty recommended actions that can be used to prevent violence in a school setting. 1. Use school resource officers (SROs) who may be provided by local law enforcement. SROs often provide law enforcement, law-related counseling, and law-related education to students, faculty, and staff. Continuity of officers in individual schools should be encouraged, so that students and SROs develop a rapport. 2. Consider seeking one or more probation officers for use on campus to help supervise and counsel students. This would be especially appropriate for high schools with a significant caseload of juveniles on probation. 3. Use trained personnel—paid or volunteer—selected specifically to assist teachers and administrators in monitoring student behavior and activities. Continuity of monitors within schools should be encouraged to facilitate good rapport with students. Monitors should be trained on the different types of violence likely to occur in the
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