Activism And Social Beliefs Of The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era occurred between the 1890s and the 1920s. This time period called for social activism and political reform. Industrialization was increasing along with immigration and political corruption. People such as Jane Addams, John Dewey, and President Theodore Roosevelt all made a stand for their beliefs that would ultimately aid in growing as a whole country. Jane Addams founded the very first Hull House in Chicago. The Hull House was a place for immigrants, women, and young members of society could learn everyday skills. These skills were deemed as necessary to learn and adapt to, however they were never taught or provided to these people. In result of the education from the Hull House, people began to unite, and they were able to strengthen their community; this would influence the people to crave positive change in the political and social aspect of the country. Jane Addams stated that "the an experimental effort to aid in the solution of the social and industrial problems which are engendered by the modern conditions of life in a great city." (Addams) If it were not for Jane Addams, society at the time would not have had as much growth, if any at all. The tremendous success of the Hull House initiated a strong social change. Immigrants were finally being welcomed somewhere; somewhere they were able to learn to deal with adaptation and be able to figure out how to support their families. This introduced them into American culture and is part

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