Activism Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

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Activism is not for the faint of heart. The Greensboro Sit Ins were meticulously planned and executed and those participating in the sit ins were faced with harassment, name calling, and constant threats of violence from those in opposition. The Montgomery Bus Boycott left many participants walking, hitchhiking, or cycling to work and called for the organization of alternative forms of travel such as carpools. Those in alliance with the boycott faced both acts of violence and jail time. Likewise, some participants in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project were viciously kidnapped and murdered, while others were beaten, shot at, and arrested. During the civil rights era, activism could not be done halfheartedly, one had to immense themselves in the movement and face the backlash that came with it on the forefront. This activism is in stark contrast with today’s social and political movements, because now our crusading can all be done safely online.
Social media’s prevalence is undeniable. From raising awareness to calling people to action, outlets like Facebook and Twitter have also become powerful tools for political and social revolutions. In the African American community, however, the effectiveness of online activism ranges from little to none. Issues dealing with black people are, more often than not, popular on social networking sites for a short amount of time and afterwards they tragically fade into obscurity. Many supporters of online movements rarely venture into…

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