Activities That Involve Placing Structures On Event Sites

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Activities that involve placing structures on event sites are known as construction activities (due to EU Directive). This became a law on 6th of April, 2015 and is known as Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. (CDM)

All events with structures are required to have a ‘client’. The client will appoint a ‘Principle Designer’ (PD) and a ‘Principle Contractor’ (PC). The PD will ensure that health and safety is planned from the design stage to commencement on site, while the PC will take charge and manage the health and safety on site. 
The HSE event safety guide states that in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of people, employees and contractors attending and working an event, health and safety has to be…show more content…
If construction work is to last longer than 30 working days, with over 20 workers, and exceeds 500 working person days, the HSE must be notified.
The client must appoint an organisation/individual to fulfil roles of the principal designer and principle contractors, when the construction phase is to involve more than one contractor. They would be required to plan, manage, and coordinate these phases of work.

Notification Where a project is notifiable the client must give notice in writing to the HSE group before the construction phase begins. As well as writing, it is possible to fill out the electronic online form from the HSE website.
The notice must include (under Regulation 6, 2015): 
 The date of the notice The address of construction site or precise description of location The local authority A brief description of project and the description work is entails Contact details (client name, address, telephone, email) for both PD and PC and Client The date proposed for start of construction The time allocated by the client under regulation 4(1) for the construction work The proposed duration of the construction phase Estimated number of people on the construction site The proposed amount of contractors on site The name/address of any contractor already decided The name/address of the designer decided A declaration signed by the client, saying they are aware of its duties under the CDM regulations. The notice must be visibly displayed in the construction site
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