Activity Hazard Analysis

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Leo and I met with Robertson to discuss the importance of safety and what upright standards Hensel Phelps held for all their employees, craft workers, and subcontractors. Hensel Phelps’ policy on safety was “No job is so important that it cannot be done in a safe way.” He informed us that all subcontractors and craft workers are required to fill out daily, a Activity Hazard Analysis forms. They are also to have a form documenting that they have inspected the equipment they are going to use for that day. Scissor lifts were inspected daily and operators were required to have a license approving them as an operator. Subcontractors were also required to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on all chemicals they were using. The data sheets detailed the dangers and the safety precautions to be observed while using the material.…show more content…
On Mondays, a salaried employee would give a presentation about safety. Although the next week would not have a Monday meeting because it was Labor Day, the Tuesday following, Dru and I presented to everyone at the morning meeting a presentation over eight common accident causes. The eight causes we presented over were taking shortcuts, being over confident, starting a task with incomplete instructions, poor housekeeping, ignoring safety procedures, mental distractions from work, failure to pre-plan the work, and the most overlooked cause, choosing production over safety. While the presentation was brief, the causes were a reminder to those that while the jobsite had yet to have an accident, it is important to always remember that the construction industry can be dangerous and even deadly if
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