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BUS 160
Acton – Burnett: Case Analysis Questions

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1. What differences, if any, exist between the problems that the task force has been asked to address and the “real” problems?
Two Vice Presidents for the company Keene and Ryan come to the conclusion that a task force must be created to make sense of the final forecast and product demand forecast that the four marketing managers created. The task force found many problems some being systematic bias and that it seemed information was being withheld. In the end at the presentation it becomes obvious that the problems were poorly done incorrect forecasting and a collaboration to prevent people from becoming aware of it, by withholding information and
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Main reason was due to the fact that its lacked top management support. Therefore it was no surprise that Baker found the initial meeting to be less than satisfying. This due to the fact that the selection was put together basically in two methods, first using employee members under those whom would most likely be most beneficial to the forecasting task force, such as project managers instead of marketing managers; Special asst. to the VP of Sales rather then the Vice President of Sales himself etc. Secondly, they select a few whom they thought would bring balance as well as contribute to the team. However, both methods didn’t seem to be an appropriate choice as Schraftt and the project members were nearly contributing in the initial meeting and later they felt uncomfortable to presentation towards the possibly of offending or creating an awkwardness position towards their boss/ managers.
Therefore, such selection should not withhold members from feeling insecure and should freely allow each individual to express themselves and contribute to the team. A possible method of selecting task members is to concentrate on the main focuses and including the possible leaders of each focuses. By doing so, these should be the most knowledgeable personnel in the organization whom is most familiar with the area and would be the best candidate to contribute. However, often times this may mean that

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