Actor in International Politics

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Introduction The problem of actors is one of the central, and at the same time one of the most controversial in the study of international politics and relations. Indeed, one of the main criteria of international relations is the presence of regular interactions between the social communities geographically separated by political boundaries. In international relations, actors are those whose activity goes beyond one state and, therefore, participate in cross-border relations and communications. In other words, in one way or another, any argument about international relations assumes directly a reference to the State with sovereignty as its most important attribute. Take the United States for an example, it is an actor…show more content…
In cases where national interests cannot be defended in the peaceful means, then the use of military force is legitimate. States through their representative government have legitimate reasons and have the necessary resources to conclude agreements, declaration of war and other acts which constitute the essence of international politics. (Rosenthal et al., 1991) Based on the provisions of that international order is always hierarchical, as any other social order in general, realists assumed that international actors are not all but only the most powerful states, conflict and cooperative relations between which constitute the essence of international politics. As emphasized Hans Morgenthau, "not all states are equally involved in international politics ... the State's attitude to international politics is a dynamic quality. It varies with the change in power of the state, which may push him to the forefront of international politics, and may prevent him from actively act on the international scene." (Rosenthal et al., 1991) Therefore, realists believe that powerful states do what they can and the weak just do what they are allowed to by strong states. Any state of international relations depends on the interactions between
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