Actors of Foreign Policy

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Political leaders and especially the heads of states such as a President, Prime Minister or King/ queen are fundamental actors in foreign policy and their ideals also reflect on how their foreign policies are structured and implemented in their states. This is mainly because the heads of state has powers that are granted to them by the constitution of that state and therefore he gets to have the final say in each policy that is to be implemented in the country. Their ideals therefore play a role in this because the leaders act according to their beliefs as they believe that this is what is best for them as well as for the country they govern, an example is when president Bush the then president of the United States during the September 11 terrorist attack decided to invade Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 even without the support of the legislature.
In this essay we will look at two ideals, realism and liberalism as well as how these ideals play a part in foreign policy decisions which leaders take, especially depending on which ideal the specific leader believes in.
Being able to understand the two ideals enables us to understand the decisions that leaders in power have taken and continue to take in their foreign policy…
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