Acts Of Deviance From Members Of Our Society

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Over the course of four days, I’ve observed numerous acts of deviance from members of our society. The ones that stood out to me the most were as follows... April 1, 2016- In the Tanger Outlets, I observed a woman deliberately skip a line of at least 10 people. This caused negative spontaneous reactions from everyone in line. As I was waiting in line to pay for my shirt, a woman walked right ahead of everyone who was already in line and then went to the next available cashier. Immediately, the first man who had been waiting called after the woman. The woman, however, just told the guy that she was in a rush. Soon, everyone else who was waiting in line expressed their own angry by participating in insulting the woman who skipped them. I…show more content…
I felt sympathy for the man as well as some other people in line, but also suspicion on what the man’s story was. I felt compelled to know why this man was dressed in this way, but also fearful of getting too close. Some other people in line looked at the man in disgust, yet no one volunteered to buy the guy a cupcake. The labeling theory helps to explain why the behavior of the man who appeared homeless is considered negatively deviant to some people, groups, and cultures but may be positively deviant to others. April 3, 2016- When I was at the grocery store, a few other customers and I saw a middle-aged woman put the milk in the cereal aisle. This small act of deviance created an unhappy feeling among everyone who observed. I believe this because the family who saw the woman do this began murmuring about what the lady just did. An elderly woman sighed when she saw this as if in complete disgust at what the woman just did. Personally, i was in agreement with these head shakes and sighs. I also believed it was ridiculous that the woman didn’t have the decency to put the milk back in the freezers so that it wouldn’t go bad. Her action received negative reactions as she broke a informal sanction found in grocery stores around the globe. This informal sanction was simply that, as members of society, we should put things back where we found them. She also broke a formal sanction made by the owner of the grocery store
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