Acts of Violence by American Youth: A Result of Culture, Media, and Capitalism

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Student first and last names Course title and number Professor's name Due date Acts of Violence by American Youth Research Paper Outline Thesis Statement: The proliferation of violence committed by American youth demonstrates tight connections among culture, media, and capitalism creating unique circumstances that result in excessive violence and rage relative to other youth around the world. I. Introduction Juvenile Criminals & Youth Violence A. Juvenile crime is not new. Juveniles have committed crimes for as long as human history has endured. B. In most, if not all, countries, there is a separate criminal justice system and practice specifically designed and designated for juvenile offenders. This is the juvenile justice system. The same offences that are committed by juveniles and adults have variations in their penalties and sentences. C. Juveniles should be afforded more flexible options regarding their sentencing because they are not fully developed adults and because they have so much potential (while there is no guarantee) to correct their deviant behaviors and make a real personal change. They do not stand that chance without the possibility to encounter the outside world while still developing into adults. D. Crime is a result or side effect of anger, rage, violence, and sometimes desperation and necessity. The presence of crime as it relates to violence is layered with moderate complexity. II. Capitalism creates & sustains conditions for poverty,
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