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A Career In The Juvenile Probation Field Edna Powers English Composition II Cassandra Smith August 10, 2009 A Career in the Juvenile Probation Field Like many careers a career in the Juvenile Probation Field can be very rewarding and also extremely difficult. After all, they do work with troubled teens. They constantly battle with teenager’s weather it is trying to get them to stay out of trouble by not going to school, using drugs, stealing or gang involvement. Some teens, after they have been in trouble, head toward a straight path and some end up in the same Juvenile Probation Officers hands. Protecting the community is a main role of a probation officer. They must routinely call the juveniles home, school, and work…show more content…
It is sometimes frustrating and the kids refuse to accept them as there boss but that is practically what they are. The juveniles most of the time, but not all of the time, have lived a hard life without attention and kind of like getting the attention they get by getting in trouble. Juvenile probation officers play a huge roll in today’s society in more ways than one. According to (Kelley, L., August 20, 2008) juvenile probation officers act as a go-between for an underage offender and the criminal justice system. This is quite true; it is there main goal to make sure that the juvenile is not incarcerated and that no further crimes are committed. They have to actually work with the family and kind of come up with a good system for each offender. The first thing a juvenile probation officer does when they begin their shift is to look over their caseload for the day. They may have to appear in court to speak on the behalf of an offender under their care or to advise the court on how to proceed with trying a new offender who has not yet been sentenced. They then update all the case histories of young offenders under their care, calling the family and meeting with school guidance counselors to ensure the child is going to school and behaving. An important part of the job entails meeting with the offenders and interviewing them, listening sympathetically to their problems and complaints, as well as recognizing behaviors that could result in
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