Actually Dreaming with Wealth, Freedom, and Health

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Perhaps you've heard through tradition about these ideals, and through research, these three are the most prevalent parts of what people think of the American Dream. There are other elements that people can think of, of course, but as a general rule of thumb, these are the ones that people default to. Most people have the same basic idea of the American Dream, but most people are left ultimately unsatisfied with their lot in life and their personal fulfillment of this Dream. The problem with the American Dream is that the concept of it is not personal and the Dream is hard to achieve because the bar is set so high that people believe the Dream means that anyone can be the next Bill Gates or Whitney Houston. The American Dream should not be a one size fits all ideal.
The American Dream is impersonal and vague; it doesn't describe the potential of the markers set. "Financial the most frequently cited characteristic of living the American Dream" (Longley). What does financial security mean in the scope of the Dream? Barely being able to provide for a family is not an ideal situation, but it is one that many (if not most) Americans are now having to experience. Does this notion of barely scraping by fit into our idea of the Dream, or must there be some kind of barrier, something keeping us from tipping into…
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