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The traditional Chinese treatment of acupuncture is an affective alternative medicine that has been around for thousands of years. Acupuncture is one of the most researched and documented alternative medicines around (Acupuncture). Although a vast majority of people believe Western medicine is the only cure to sickness, many people benefit from acupuncture everyday. Most people disregard the ancient art all together without giving it a chance because are scared of the needles it involves. Also, since no accurate scientific explanation of how and why it works has been found, people shy away from it. The healing powers of the body are taken to a whole different level with this alternative medicine.

Ancient roots of
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Other factors, such as a patient’s lifestyle and eating habits, tie into the outcome of the treatments. Sometimes, acupuncturists have to advise their patients to change their diet or certain habits in their life in order for the treatments to work (Dr. Dorel). If the patient follows the advice given to them and goes through the necessary amount of treatments, the outcome will always be positive with acupuncture.

Many people shy away from trying acupuncture because they don't know how it works, there's no visible proof. Even though acupuncture doesn't require taking a pill or being injected with medicine, it does have positive effects on many people. The human body has approximately 800 to 1000 acupuncture points (Dr. Michael). These points were found through ancient Chinese medicine theories and are where the needles are inserted into the body. Each point has a specific purpose and name. These points lie on one of the body’s fourteen meridians which run from head to toe and connect to the body’s organ systems (Dr. Dorel). The body is a matrix of electromagnetic energy which flows through the fourteen meridians (Acupuncture). Acupuncture works through these organ systems and meridians.

Ten of the fourteen meridians are connected to the five natural elements; earth, metal, fire, wood, and water. Each element controls and creates the other elements, just like the internal organs and meridians. Each natural element relates to one young meridian and one

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