Acuscan Executive Summary 3

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TO: Cliff O’Connor, CEO AcuScan, Inc.
FROM: VP of Organizational Development
SUBJECT: Observations and Recommendations for Optimization Project
DATE: June 30, 2008

Purpose and Scope of Document

The purpose of this document is to provide a basic overview of the current status surrounding the AcuScan Optimization Project. This document will provide a brief background and summary of the current situation, and then provide key points relating to the underlying issues. This document will then outline the options AcuScan has in order to address the project issues and recommend the most feasible course of action.

Summary of the Situation

The AcuScan Optimization Project, known as “Operation Optimize”, is
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The company can split up the project into a series of rollout phases, which will extend the project timelines, but reduce the workload pressure being placed on the current engineering staff. This would save the company money in the short term, but could potentially impact their competitive edge in the long term if the competition develops a similar product first. The other option is to act on Director of Marketing proposal to hire contractors in order to take on the increased workload. The company would have a dedicated resource for the project while at the same time allowing the engineering staff to continue to provide a high level of quality service to existing customers. The company would have to make a short term budget sacrifice, exacerbating the current budget crisis; however the new product would launch before the end of the year and give AcuScan the competitive edge it needs to increase sales over the long term.

It is proposed that AcuScan align budgeting goals to accommodate the current project timelines and making a small sacrifice in costs to aid in the development by hiring outside contractors.
• In order to encourage collaboration between departments, the Director of Marketing must allow that the contractors are selected and managed by the Senior Engineer, who will be the most knowledgeable as to the minimal extra man power needed and the skill set required to accomplish the tasks.
• The

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