Acute Care Hospitals At Bay County Are Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Essay

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There are three acute care hospitals in Bay County area: Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System and Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast. All three hospitals provide emergency services, outpatient department is able to accept lab results electronically from outside laboratories in the different hospitals, use electronic record system in order to track lab tests and results of their patients and use safe surgery checklist for both inpatient and outpatient checklist for safe surgery results. Survey of patient’s experiences is important source of information of the quality of health care provided by the particular hospital, which allows patients to compare the hospitals in the area. The HCAHPS star rating of Gulf Coast Hospital and Bay Medical Center is two stars, while Sacred Heart Hospital is rated with four stars on the excellence of care. The outliner indicators for Gulf Coast Medical Center in the survey of patients’ experiences on the question: “How often did patients receive help quickly from the hospital staff?” shows that 74% patients pick the answer “always communicated well”, that is slightly lower than national average with 79%. The survey question “How often were the patients’ rooms and bathrooms kept clean” only 61% of the patients pick that their bathroom and room were “always clean” that is much lower than the national average 74% and only 47% of the patients understood the care that was provided when they were

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