Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Interviews

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Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Interviews
A day in the life of a trauma intensive care nurse practitioner.
This particular nurse practitioner (NP), Diana Hayes, seems like somebody who has done this job for decades; in reality she obtained her acute care NP (ACNP) degree in 2014, less than 2 years ago and got her advanced practice license in Tennessee the same year. Her current role working as an intensivist NP in the trauma unit at Vanderbilt Medical Center is part of a recently launched program that brought NPs into the care of the sickest patients in the hospital.
Being one of the first NPs in this role was a frightening experience for her, “ there were not preceptors in this area”, she states, so they had to create the role from the ground, not an easy task while taking care of highly acute patients.
It is imperative to point out that Vanderbilt has employed a high quantity of NPs in different intensive care units (ICUs) in the hospital, since the inception of the role in Tennessee, the only exception has been the trauma ICU. Until now, only physicians and fellows were allowed to manage these patients.
As far as physician supervision is related, she feels comfortable working in a supervised environment; there is a sense of safety and support of people with years of experience in the field, who are always willing and available to support her when needed.
Her role allows her to practice within the extend of her education and with great autonomy. As an NP, she is able…
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