Acute Care Nursing Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to critically discuss the nursing assessment individualised care and nursing interventions of the acutely ill patient. The patient discussed developed severe sepsis due to a urinary tract infection and her condition deteriorated during the recovery process in the nurse’s care. Lovick (2009) defines sepsis ‘as a known or suspected infection accompanied by evidence of two or more of the SIRS criteria’. SIRS is outlined as a ‘systemic inflammatory response’ consisting of two or more of the following symptoms ‘temperature >38 degrees Celsius or 90 beats per minute, respiratory rates greater than 20 breaths per minute and white blood count higher than 12,000 cells per microliter or lower than 4000 cells per…show more content…
The nurse found Mrs Smith to be tachypnoeic, her respirations were recorded as 24 breaths per minute it was observed as being fast and it appeared that her accessory muscles were being used. Mrs Smith’s pallor also appeared flushed and her saturations were documented as 93%. The nurse used the stethoscope to check for wheeze the patient’s lungs were clear and chest rise was symmetrical. Mrs Smith was commenced on 100% oxygen through a non-rebreathe mask, oxygen as an intervention is necessary as Creed & Spiers (2010) highlight ‘metabolic demand for oxygen throughout the body is hugely increased by sepsis and is essential to ensure the supply of oxygen is maximized’ .The nurse monitored the patient closely because in her confused state the patient may try to remove the oxygen mask.
An evaluation of Mrs Smith circulation was the next step carried out by the nurse, as in the breathing assessment Mrs Smith pallor was noted as being flushed and the patient appeared confused this could be associated with poor cardiac output. The nurse recorded the patient’s blood pressure using a dinamap it was measured at 88/50, it was then rechecked manually to ensure accuracy. The pulse was checked manually for rate and rhythm it was recorded as 98 beats per minute. Capillary refill was checked, was found to be normal.
The next step of the framework is disability. Mrs Smith’s conscious level was measured
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