Acute Glomerulonephritis

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Past Family History
X’s father was diagnosed with cardiomegaly or enlargement of the heart. They went to see a doctor and after some medications, he was partially cured. He was still experiencing paroxysmal attack or the sudden recurrence and intensification of symptoms such as spasm and seizure but he seldom experiences this now because he was taking his maintenance medicine. Their family history showed that X’s grandfather on her father’s side has histories of multiple cases of stroke due to hypertension. On the other hand, X’s relatives on her mother’s side had histories of stroke, hypertension, and Diabetes Mellitus Type II. In fact, one of her aunties died from stroke.
Past Health History
When Mrs.Y was pregnant to her first
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Later on, she found out that X was suffering from edema. X’s whole face was already affected as well as her other body parts such as feet and hands. X was getting pale, and she found out the X also urinates with blood. Mrs. Y let her daughter rest for a few hours. Midnight came and X wanted to go to the hospital because she can’t breathe properly and had a high fever, but they just can’t bring her to the hospital due to shortage of money. They went to the albularyo the next day and said that she has a Kidney problem, after that they proceeded in the clinic of Dr. Sanqui the same day. After some laboratory procedures done, which was urine and blood test, Dr. Sanqui also checked the blood pressure of X and her blood pressure was above normal and also found out that she was suffering from anemia and he diagnosed the condition of X as Glomerulonephritis. He suggested to Mrs. Y that it’s better if they’re going to admit X in the hospital, but they refused because they can’t afford the bills. That’s why they insisted Dr. Sanqui to just prescribed them a medicine to cure X’s disease. They still come back weekly to the clinic of Dr. Sanqui to monitor if there are changes in the condition of X. X’s education was also affected, she is absent the whole month. Up to now, you can notice an edema in X’s face, there Until now X is taking her medicines in order for her to be
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