Acute Hepatitis B Essay

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Acute Hepatitis B
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Mr. Wilson is a 47 year old man being evaluated for complaints of fatigue, anorexia and abdominal distention. On examination, it is noted that the skin is jaundiced and the liver enlarged. D.W. denies significant alcohol or drug use. He denies any known exposure to hepatitis and has never been vaccinated for hepatitis. He is taking no medication. Laboratory tests reveal the following and a diagnosis of acute hepatitis B is made:

1. Review and analyze the laboratory data. What diagnosis is supported by these values? Give your rationale.
Mr. Wilson’s lab work is reviewed below: * AST 142 IU/L * AST (Aspartate aminotransferase) is an enzyme and blood sample results
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The patients GGT would be elevated also if he was experiencing an acute episode of hepatitis B. Additional tests that might be helpful to making an accurate diagnosis would be; IgG-anti-HBc and IgM-anti-HBc. These tests show if the hepatitis is acute or chronic. The IgG-anti-HBc is positive if the patient is chronically infected. The IgM-anti-HBc would show positive if the patient is acutely infected with hepatitis B. The HBs-Ag will be positive in both acute and chronic cases. See the table below for an overview of the assessment and tests that are generally given when a new Hepatitis B diagnosis is reached.

(Lok A. S., 2011)

2. Explain the hepatocellular changes that occur with the above diagnosis. The liver has many roles in the body that associate it with many systems. For example, it acts as a digestive organ by secreting bile for the breakdown of fat (Copstead, 2010). The liver also removes bilirubin from the blood, temporarily stores blood and synthesizes the blood clotting factors (Copstead, 2010). Other functions of the liver are; removing toxins from the blood, metabolizing both sex hormones and steroid hormones. Any damage to the liver can in turn disrupt any of these processes and functions that it performs.
Some of the processes and functions can be changed in the following ways: * Liver inflammation: Inflammation in chronic

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