Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Report

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The name of the disease that I have selected to write this disease paper about is acute respiratory distress syndrome. Acute respiratory distress syndrome according to our text book Respiratory Care Principles and Practice by Dean Hess states that acute respiratory distress syndrome is “characterized by the abrupt onset of respiratory distress; associated with severe hypoxemia and diffuse pulmonary opacities on chest radio graph that are not caused by congestive heart failure or volume over load; Pao2 < 200 MMHG.” (Hess, 1287). Acute respiratory distress syndrome is respiratory insufficiency marked by progressive hypoxemia due to severe inflammatory damage causing abnormal permeability of the alveolocapillary membrane. The alveoli fill with fluid, which interferes with gas exchange. ETIOLOGY according to Taber’s medical dictionary, acute respiratory distress syndrome can typically be a result of or from trauma to the lungs for example in situations like near drowning, aspiration of gastric acids, and severe lung infection or systemic disorder. Shock, septicemia, disseminated intravascular coagulation, cardiopulmonary bypass or reaction to blood transfusions. Widespread damage to the alveolocapillary membranes is initiated through the aggregation and activity of neutrophils and macrophages and the activation of complement. Cytokines, oxygen free radicals, and other inflammatory mediators damage the walls of capillaries and alveoli, producing diffuse inflammatory interstitial
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