Essay Acute Stress Response

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Acute Stress Response
Michelle Miller
Liberty University
May 6, 2012

Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic disorder are related in many of their symptoms, however acute stress disorder happens immediately following a traumatic event and never lasts more than a month. Acute stress disorder also shows signs of dissociation, which is associated with daydreaming or spacing out. Post-traumatic stress disorder victims have similar symptoms to acute stress disorder; however the symptoms persist for longer than a month. Treatment of both usually involves counseling and in extreme cases medications may be involved. Some victims of trauma tend to question their faith while others grow in their faith.

At 46 years of age
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These measurements include: “threat to one’s life and body integrity; severe physical harm or injury; receipt of intentional injury/harm; exposure to the grotesque; witnessing or learning of violence to loved ones; learning of exposure to a noxious agent; and causing death or severe harm to another,” (2007, p. 86). However, if individuals prepare sufficiently when possible for a stressful event, then they may be somewhat protected from the severe stress of the traumatic events. Preparation tends to reduce the uncertainty of an event and may even increase the individual’s sense of control. How individuals cope during a stressful event is also a predictor of PTSD. Successful coping may moderate the effect of stress in the long run. “Effective coping results in relief of personal distress, maintenance of a sense of personal worth, conservation of one’s ability to form rewarding social contacts, and sustained capability to meet the requirements of the task,” (2007, p. 89). In order for an individual to be diagnosed for acute stress disorder, that individual must be exposed to an event that is traumatic or they must have had some type of experience that involves intense fear, horror, or helplessness. The experienced event must be a death threat, physical integrity, or serious injury, and may happen to the individual himself or to other individuals surrounding him. Three or more of the following symptoms must present in the individual: loss of
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