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Ad Gone Bad Due to the large amount of advertisements in the world, many companies go out of their way to find new ways to catch a viewer’s attention. Occasionally, some companies don’t properly consider what the target audience would want to see, and ignores the ethos, pathos, and logos that are in an argument. One such company is Dettol, a company that sells cleaning products. Dettol’s ad shows an image of a murder scene with the caption “when ordinary soap just won’t do.” Not only is the ad’s argument misfiring and weak, but the advertisement itself doesn’t appeal strongly to ethos or pathos through its image, and most of the target audience would find the advertisement very unappealing from a moral standpoint. Why the Ad Misfired and Why the Argument Broke Down In order to properly understand why this ad failed, we must first look at how others may interpret the ad, and later analysis why this interpretation will cause the argument to break down. The ad itself just wanted to demonstrate an example of when an individual really needs something to be clean. Even though choosing murder as the example wasn’t the best idea, Dettol’s ad was simply trying to show how their soap might come in handy. Although this ad wasn’t serious about covering up a murder, the fact that they still used the idea is what causes the argument to break down. The advertisment’s argument broke down from the very beginning when they suggested that their soap can be used to clean up a murder
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