Ad Analysis Essay 11

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Ad Analysis To commit ourselves to evaluating the old vs. new we have to first find examples of the two. What I chose to compare and contrast are ads that focus on capturing a particular audience, that audience would be the athletes on the hardwood. Pony has long been in the running for shoe corporations and has, as long as I can remember, made a decent focus on comfort ability and style amongst the ball players. “Just Do It” has never failed to get in the minds of every and anyone willing to lay on the line their sweat and grit in order to better their abilities in their particular sport or life. The products inspire those to just do what they need in order to get where they want to go. Nike can easily claim itself the top producer of…show more content…
Its quick in its delivery but effective enough to persuade the eye to look at the shoe. There are colors that match the uniform worn by the player with the personalized shoe. In this instance Jason Richardson, who plays for the Charlotte Bobcats, is the culprit that makes his mark on the feet of those who will purchase the shoe. The ad itself doesn’t play on any specific meaning. There is a picture of the shoe with Jason Richardson around the life size shoes and words in color that read, “Can You Dig It.” The shoe itself is quite unique in design, it’s a new shoe that appears to be rather comfortable and trendsetting in one. The ad doesn’t use gimmicks to push its products, again that goes back to the reputation Nike has, it simply displays its shoe and you either like it or you don’t. Not as persuasive as previous advertisements Nike has made the public accustomed to. In my theology of the comparisons, I found that Nike has forever been and will continue to be the bar at which everyone will strive for. They push the limits of interests in people and find ways to appeal to the ever changing generations. The ad although rather plain in appearance is still new and does exactly what it needed to in order to showcase the product based off of what Nike has done in the past and what they plan doing in the near future. Pony, in my opinion, is the victor here. They have a solid punch line in what they were trying to stress. They emphasized
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