Ad Analysis Essay On Cars On Mars

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Cars On Mars Finally, a car that can get me wherever I need to go and beyond! Is that the first thing that comes to mind when this advertisement is seen? Well obviously this car can’t take anyone to the sun. But, doesn’t it make the reader wonder how far it can actually get them? I don’t know much about anyone else but it makes me want to scope this car out and see what it is capable of! This friendly print ad was found in a Us Weekly magazine that was sent out in January of 2016. Let’s now take a look at why this ad was produced, who it was intended for, what’s important, and much more.
The car in this ad is made to look as though it can go anywhere. The setting is on Mars to show that it can even conquer another planet’s terrain. Basically the company is trying to get people to buy their car by showing them how tough it is. In the top left corner are the words, “How Far Will You Take It” in white letters. Those words give the reader the impression that it can handle almost anything drivers can throw at it. It is about one inch down from the top and the words all together are about the width of your index finger and also the length of your index finger. A greyish brown sky is present at the top of the page and takes up about 1/5 of the page vertically. Below the sky there is a long mountain range spanning from the left all the way to the right in the distance. From the bottom to the top of the
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I really like the space suits because they fascinate me. The terrain also amazes me too because of how realistic it seems. What does not work for me is how out of place the car seems when compared to its surroundings. It just seems so random when people look at the ad in entirety. I wish the ad was just a little more mature. Mature in the sense of a family in the car having a great time. They could even have just a photo of the car as the ad and if done right then I think I would be
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