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Effects of an Ad Advertising is the marketing of an idea in ways that encourages and persuades audiences to take some sort of action. In most cases, the action would be to buy a product or service while other are simply to raise awareness. Whatever the case may be, money is poured into advertising every day. Marketing agencies try various ways to convince people to buy their products using different persuasion techniques. After first examining an advertisement, one could analyze how each detail in the ad was specifically designed to affect its audience in a way that convinces them that they need what is being advertised. One would also be able to notice the values and important aspects of a culture through its advertisements. For…show more content…
Words like “help,” “feel,” and “faster,” are used in this ad to subtly make readers believe that NyQuil will cure Mom’s illness quickly when, in fact, they really only say that the products might make her symptoms briefly subside quicker than another indistinct method of treatment. This subtle method of advertisement is actually very common in all types of ads. Another technique used to attract attention of audiences is the adorable image of a mother and daughter playing dress up together. When someone sees this image, they are expected to feel strong, loving emotion for the seemingly deep mother-daughter connection in the photo. This mode of persuasion, pathos, is used to play on the emotions of viewers who see this ad. By using pathos in advertising, advertisers are also showing the main values of a culture. This NyQuil ad illustrates that one major value of American culture is a strong family bond. The heartfelt image of a mother and daughter cheerfully playing dress up together, the bold words, “Don’t let a cold take away dress up Mommy,” and the direct addressing of “helping Mom,” in the descriptions are all contributing to one major ideal. This entire ad is created on the basis that most Americans place strong value on a deep, loving connection between mothers and their daughters. In conclusion, various methods of advertising

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