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One of the largest and most controversial issues we as humans face, includes the protection and preservation of the natural world we call home. When a small group displays the potential to damage or destroy our beautiful land, the task lies with the people to eliminate such a threat. Between the years of 2004-2009, Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and others established the Kleercut campaign against Kimberly-Clark in order to prevent the destruction of the Boreal forest (Kleercut campaign, 2009). Kimberly-Clark is the world’s largest manufacturer of tissues; their most prevalent brand being Kleenex. Accusations were made against Kimberly-Clark noting that the virgin fiber used in its product is derived from wood pulp…show more content…
Every day, the Boreal forest is flushed down the toilet or thrown away by unsuspecting consumers across Europe.” Another sentence to the right contains the following information in the same black font: “By choosing more recycled fiber and less trees for its disposable tissue products, and by committing to environmentally sound logging operations, Kimberly-Clark could end its part in the destruction of ancient forests like the Boreal.” Directly below the prior sentence may be the most important peace of the advertisement of all, and it is in a bold, white print: “Tell Kimberly-Clark that you want it to stop destroying the Canada’s boreal forest. Visit” Finally, the sponsoring logo “Greenpeace,” can be found in the bottom right. The audience most likely ranges from teenagers to adults in the U.S. and Canada who care about the environment, endangered animals, and the Boreal Forest of Canada. The audience also includes those who have access to a phone or internet and can contact the Kimberly-Clark Company to voice their complaints with Kleenex. The goal of the campaign was to compel the viewer to make a difference and express his/her opinion about the situation. Greenpeace tries to accomplish its goal of changing the way that Kimberly-Clark makes the tissue products by expressing all three elements of rhetoric within the advertisement. First, the advertisement uses logos to persuade the audience not to buy

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