Ad Campaign of an Online University's Bachelor's Degree Program

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Online University's Bachelor's Degree Program Ad Campaign At the center of any effective advertising campaign is a very clear definition of who the customer is, what their needs are, and what expectation they have of service. For an online university bachelor's degree program this is critically important to the success of any advertising, public relations and marketing program. The student and their needs to become the center of these strategies if they are to succeed. For any student considering one online university bachelor's program over another, their criterion will include expertise of the facility, ease of using the online tools and what the total experience will be like. Marketing services-based businesses incouding education on the dimensions of student or customer experience is critical to their success. Services must underscore the role of experiences in benefitting and increasing the value delivered to customers; just speaking of features or functional attributes of a service is not sufficient (Palmer, 2010). The advertising, PR and marketing strategies all must be coordinated around a common message to prospective students that underscore the online universities' competencies and show it is worthy of trust. Prospective students are evaluating online universities as the foundations for their future and therefore accreditation, reputation of the school and tis instructors, and value of the degree after graduation all must be considered. Unifying marketing,

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