Ad Council's Aids Campaign

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Problem Statement: The Ad council AIDS campaign wasn’t successful launched the against AIDS campaign, low acceptance by the publicity due to promiscuity and mislead people to have casual sex and create thinking that use condom can be avoid risk with AIDS infection. Woman group felt the ads only emphasize responsibilities on woman but not on man and the men group suspected the credibility use of condoms may not able to prevent AIDS efficacy. Suggested Ad council to have another AIDS campaign to targeted group on heterosexually active woman, due to woman was high involvement with sexual activities from the figured 52% having had two to five sex partners, 21% for six or more partners reported. In other hand, woman seems more…show more content…
Advertisement proposed The advertisement poster looks like: The poster shown Audrey Hepburn said “I love myself” and point the man to the direction toward hospital for healthy checkup. Audrey Hepburn is super famous during the year 1953 – 1993, even now. Ad council will invite Audrey. Hepburn to take photo shoots for against AIDS posters. Audrey Hepburn is an icon during the time, and she has capabilities to influence people (female or male) to have high conscious on life and take care themselves like her. Advertisement objective: To against AIDS and to prevent HIV virus spread out, since no vaccine to cure AIDS’s infection. Specific message: Bring by famous actress Audrey Hepburn: Love yourself, to have better future! Campaign: Invite Audrey Hepburn as a spokesman for the against AIDS campaign. Execute continuously one year non stop events, seminars and speeches in school, college, university, and business organization to talk about the negative outcome and
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