Ad Takeover. Jim Fowles’ Advertising’S Fifteen Basic Appeals

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Ad Takeover Jim Fowles’ Advertising’s fifteen basic appeals , Fowles writes about how ads has many ways to appeal to the consumer. Actually according to Fowles there’s fifteen basic appeals to be exact. When Fowles writes “something primary and primitive, an emotional appeal, that in effect is the thin line edge of the wedge, trying to find it’s way into our minds.” In other words, Fowles is saying how advertisement works . The point that Fowles is making is important because something that has been around for years has made a major impact to society. The consumers have “unfulfilled urges and motives swirling in the bottom half of our minds.” This shows why Fowles is correct , it displays how advertisements have an emotional appeal to the…show more content…
The interpretation of this is that ou have to “barely be a person to be even considered beautiful.” Society as a whole is send the wrong message to women with this concept, women are more beautiful if your skinny but not to skinny. Women who see this in the media and are influenced by it will follow suit. In general, Bordo’s argument is as such fashison industry goes hand in hand with the media’s advertisements. Furthermore, Kilbourne’s argument is parallel to Bordo’s when she highlights when media plays a role in how women should view themselves. In the video Killing us Softly 4 Kilbourne shows how women feel judged by other women. Overall, Kilbourne’s argument is that women will judge other women. The reason other women will continue to judge other women is that , that’s how the media’s standards have become at this time. A women must judge the women who is standing next to her. Kilbourne goes on to add that society shows you that you have to be skinny in order to be attractive. In the video Killing us softly 4 it is shown how pictures of models in ads or commercials are being photoshopped. Photo’s of models being edited is important to show , society what a women should look like. The way women should see themselves how they truly are, on must be confrontable in their own skin. Women often compare themselves what the media and the fashion industry say is the fad. Media and

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