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Picture this 1800's aristocratic girl at insistence of mother is taught math and science. Born as Augusta Ada Byron in London on December 10,1815, she was a child of famous poet. Her parents separated weeks after her birth she never saw her father again, he died when she was eight. Her mother insisted on math and science so she didn’t turn out like her father. So you could say, Ada had a very unusual upbringing for an aristocratic girl in the 1800's.
Her unusual upbringing was brought upon her so she didn’t turn out like her father. Her father was a poet, the famous George Gordon Byron. Unlike her father who studied poetry, she studied math and science. Her mother thought it would prevent her from having a moody temperament. Her mother even went as far as force her to lay still for certain amounts of time to gain self-control.
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He was made Earl of Lovelace in 1838 .After marrying she was known as the Countess of Lovelace. They loved horses and had a fondness for math and science. They had three children together Anne Blunt, 15th Baroness Wentworth (Daughter),Ralph King-Milbanke, 2nd Earl of Lovelace (Son), Byron King-Noel, Viscount Ockham (son). He is said to have supported his wife's endeavors.
At age seventeen through tutoring she made a mentor named Charles Babbage. She began to study advance mathematics with professor Augustus de Morgan. While studying she was asked to translate a article on Babbage's Analytical Engine Journal written by Luigi Fredrico Menabrea. When translating the journals she added in her own thoughts. While not meaning too she made the journal three times as long as the original. Although she did not write the original her copy was published in 1843 in a English Science Journal; The Countess however published it using her real name' s initials
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