Ada Concerns Case Study . The Problem(S) Or Issue(S) At

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ADA Concerns Case Study The problem(s) or issue(s) at the core of the case: Kenneth Jorgenson had been an Automotive Mechanic II with the Equipment Services Department of Maricopa County in Arizona since July 1, 1999. About three years later on May 16, 2003 Ken Jorgenson became injured job as he lifted a battery out of a box for Kenneth Jorgenson things at work became complicated. On June 27, Jorgenson underwent surgery and was in hospitalized eight days; he subsequently returned to work on light-duty status on November 11, 2003. For a while, things seems to be all right however, about one year later Jorgenson was reinjured on March 6, 2004. The county moved to terminate Kenneth Jorgenson 's employment in April 2004, but…show more content…
That is why documenting everything is essential. An evaluation of actions taken in the case to address the problem: Reasons why Maricopa County should terminate Jorgensen, 1.The workload imposed upon the Automotive Repair division had increased dramatically in the past year and would continue to do so in the future; 2. A temporary or on-call person could not fill the position of Auto­ motive Mechanic II because of the high cost of training and lost productivity. Also, temporary employees can only work up to 90 days and qualified mechanics who are willing to work on a temporary basis are extremely hard to find;3.The staff level "in the division was insufficient to keep up with the work load demand created due to Jorgenson 's absence;4. There were no vacant positions within the department for which Kenneth Jorgenson was qualified (Employment Relations ADA Concerns are Heavy Lifting an Essential Job Function?) Maricopa County worked with Jorgensen after his first injury they gave him a weight limit and other accommodations to help him with his job. However, after his second injury Jorgensen was in no position by doctor’s order to perform the duties his job required him to do. Maricopa County also helped him by extending his work insurance to help him cover surgeries that were needed, because they did happen during work hours, and extended it 6 months even when he was on sick leave without
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