Adair Personal Narrative

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Her seat in the filled to capacity eighteen-passenger, Sikorsky S-92 helicopter started to vibrate as they lifted off the pad in a smooth steady ascent. She glanced out the window next to her, and the ocean came into view as the pilot maneuvered the gigantic beast towards the open sea. Once the chopper cleared land, it swooped to the north heading to their destination which would be home and work for the next fourteen days. The deepwater platform sat over a hundred and fifty miles North-West, off the most northern point of Scotland. Adaira finished her three-day offshore survival training course in time to join her work shift rotation. She’d taken a similar class in the states before working on the oil rigs off the coast of California.…show more content…
Her twelve-hour shift happened to be one of the more normal hours to work. The day began with an introduction to her coworkers and meeting with her new supervisor. Her boss and the person she would be working closest with was Jamie Douglas. He was a sizeable man who stood over six feet tall with dark wavy hair and a generous smile which happened to be contagious, you couldn't help smiling being around such a good-natured man. He said he'd been with the company as an offshore geologist for close to ten years and loved the work even though it took him away from his young family. His job on a deep water platform afforded his wife and children a comfortable life and the best schools. Jamie, the head geologist would spend the majority of his time working with Adaira as the new drilling fluid engineer or as most of the crew on the oil rig called her position the Mud Man. She would be responsible for continuously monitoring the quality of fluids through the drilling process. A huge responsibility, but she had spent the last four years studying for this career and trained every chance she got on the rigs off the California coast. She would not let the company down, she could do this
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