Adam And Eve, And The Serpent

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According to the Genesis in the Hebrew bible, the story of Adam and Eve in books 1-4 eating from the tree of knowledge was considered a sin, but after a close analysis of the story perhaps eating from the tree of knowledge only opened up Adam and Eves eyes to see the world for what it truly is. The serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit, and later Eve convinced Adam to follow in her footsteps. From this act the Lord God Punished Adam, Eve, and the serpent. Their disobedience was the first sin committed by the first humans, but why was the Lord God being so overprotective of both Adam and Eve? Was finding out the truth of the world . Was eating from the tree of knowledge a good or an evil act? And Why was the punishment that the Lord God implemented on Adam, Eve, and the serpent harsh? Adam and Eve committed the first sin but through their sin or mistake the human race has accomplished great success. Was the Lord God being too overprotective of both Adam and Eve? Well, they had everything that they could need in the Garden of Eden. In the Eden, the land was fertile with beautiful gardens, fruit trees, cool breezes, rivers, and the tree of knowledge. He created eve from Adam’s rib when he needed company. Adam and Eve were the Lord God’s first humans so he gave them the highest quality of life and even gave them immorality. The Lord God really cared for them because they were his first children. The Lord God only had one rule which both Adam and Eve couldn’t obey.
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