Adam Corolla Usc Lecture Essay

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Adam Carolla Lecture Paper One of the basic tenets of life is that greater opportunities will appear to individuals that actively pursue and know how to recognize them. Since the majority of us do not have the luxury of being born into wealth or power, the choices that we make ultimately shape our successes in life. Adam Carolla begins by using examples to highlight the concepts of consistency and residual income. He explains that it is easier and more useful to understand how to sell something and continue selling it again and again as opposed to figuring out how to simply make a large amount of money. As a student that had performed poorly in high school, he worked a variety of jobs including carpet cleaner and boxing trainer…show more content…
Conversely, Adam Carolla cites an example of negative reinforcement being used as a form of motivation. He refers to his time working as a carpet cleaner out of high school and the “pain” he felt from working a horrible job with people he did not like. Carolla explains that by being miserable at a bad job, he learned he did not want to continue working at a career that he did not enjoy. Using “pain” as a motivating factor, this realization forced Adam to forge a better career path for himself. Another important aspect of creating opportunities revolves around the concept of doing a job well regardless of whether you enjoy it or not. In reality, the dream job is not typically the first job, the second job, or even the third. However, this does not count as an excuse for not performing to the highest capacity at any level of work. Adam expands, saying that it is crucial to “get in the habit of doing things well” and not judge a job because you it feel it might be below you. Doing a job properly and to the fullest ability demonstrates attention to the detail and is a key indicator of overall job performance to employers. Experience and knowledge are also key elements that an individual can use to take advantage of opportunities. In order to obtain chance for advancement, it is imperative to commit the time to understand all the aspects of a job and acquire the knowledge necessary for when the opportunity does come. In

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