Adam Lanza Case Study Related To Psychology

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On December 14, 2012 a tragic incident took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut when a 20-year-old man named Adam Lanza invaded the school and shot 20 children and 6 staff members. Before entering Sandy Hook, Lanza first shot his mother, then after finishing his shooting at the school, he shot himself. Connecticut authorities have yet to find Lanza’s real motive, but have collected some information about his life, right from the he was a young pre-teen, in order to figure out why he would commit such a heinous crime.
This article would fall under the discipline of psychology because it more so examines Lanza’s mental health which was shows through his odd behaviour before he went on his shooting rampage. It was said that Lanza had substantial mental health issues, which prevented him from living a normal life in which he could interact with others like a normal human being. At school, Lanza did not interact with many of his peers, and he hated noise and crowds. His mother eventually withdrew him from school, and he spent the rest of his years homeschooled. By ninth grade, he had completely isolated himself in his room, where he played violent video games all day, and covered his windows with black plastic trash bags. He hated birthdays, Christmas,
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Doctors said that Lanza had extreme anxiety and lacked normal human emotion. However, doctors who saw Lanza said that they did not foresee this type of violent behaviour in the future. In school, Lanza wrote a story which he called the “Big Book of Granny” in which he wrote about an elderly woman who goes on killing rampages along with her son, sometimes where children were the main targets. However, this story was never turned in to the school. This itself could have been a red flag, because it shows some type of psychological imbalance which was evidently untreated
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