Adam Lanza Crime Case Study

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In the case of Adam Lanza’s crime I do believe there is a theory that may help explain his action. One of the theories that caught my eye in the book was social process theory. This theory states, “The view that criminality is a function of people’s interactions with various organizations, institutions, and processes in society”(Siegel). In my opinion the social institutions Adams was in played a key role in his actions. His family and school definitely had a big impact on why he decided to go kill innocent individuals. First of all Adam was not mentally stable from a young age, which should have been addressed by the parents. Adam was diagnosed with Sensory processing and Asperger autism that lead him to be very quite and shy. He was also…show more content…
Furthermore, the Sank Hook and Las Vegas shooting does have some similarities with one another. For instance, in both cases no one would have expected those individuals to commit such crimes. Both individuals were living a stable life not having to worry about anything. They both then decided to commit a crime that will never be forgotten in the history of America. Adam and Stephen were also very smart individuals that strived in school and business. They never showed any type of violent acts, which makes it very difficult to identify why they did it. Both cases show an unclear answer in their motive of killing so many innocent people. Its unclear to this day why these individuals decided to do such violent crimes, we can only predict why they did it. One of the differences between both of them is that Adam was actually diagnosed with some syndromes compared to Stephen. That was an issue because Adam actually had trouble throughout his life. Stephen in the other hand grew up normal and studied business, which made it hard to identify him as a psychopath. In my opinion Stephen was a psychopath no one knew about this was due to him able to hide from people. The act he committed wasn’t planned in a short period of time; he had panned this for a while. He knew exactly what he wanted to do that night and executed it perfectly. However, in terms of policies that can be implemented to prevent mass
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