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Adam Morris Ms. Scannell English III March 3, 2017 Global Warming Little Jimmy is riding his bike to school wearing an oxygen mask because of the amount of pollution in the air. As he is riding he sees no plants or animals along the way and is heartbroken without color in his life. The only color he sees is the black sky that covers his city. The Earth has been affected by many factors in the past century. One of the biggest problems that the planet has had is pollution. Although some say that global warming is a myth and will never become a problem, it is already having a negative effect on Earth. The Earth’s atmosphere is being polluted causing global warming to affect the plants and animals. Global warming can be slowed if we…show more content…
“Factories produce tons of emissions each day, but much of the emissions stay in the city and produce smog” (Global Warming 101). Smog is a combination of atmospheric pollutants and fog. This can cause health issues and if concentrated enough can kill people. “Carbon dioxide can also last for over a century before it dissipates” (Global Warming 101). With more pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere, global warming may never be slowed. Earth’s environment is affected everyday by pollution. People must make changes in order for global warming to be slowed. People causing pollution are the largest factor in the climate change. Plants and animals are the most affected by the climate change. “The change has mostly consisted of humans emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere causing global warming.” (Confronting the Realities of Climate Change). With the Earth’s average temperature rising, many animals and plants are being forced to adapt. The forcing of adaptations is also causing different species to slowly die and eventually they will become extinct. The extreme change in climate has happened before to the dinosaurs. When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they lived in a widely tropical climate. Once the climate began to rapidly cool, the cold-blooded reptiles did not have enough time to adapt to the change. People have also stated because the dinosaurs became extinct naturally that this is just a cycle but it is not. The

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