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Adam Smith Adam Smith born the year 1723 was thought to be one of the world’s greatest economists. In Fact he was known as the father of economy. He was also known by the way he thought and the way he wrote about the country's economy and in this paper I will explain the way he described and the way he thought of the economy and why his thoughts have carried on for the last two hundred years. In the eighteenth century, most people thought they knew how countries get rich. The way they thought was that you have to export as much as possible and import as little as possible so that they can have a rich economy. They also thought that we had a fixed wealth but Adam Smith was the first person to oppose this theory. He proposed that…show more content…
Adam smith explained that monopoly charges any price that it chooses, and that it robs consumers and makes the countries less efficient and poorer. He also explained that competition means that businesses try to charge the lowest price possible, so that consumers could get the maximum value for money and that if they can buy more, jobs in the economy will be more supported and then the country will grow even more richer than it already is. Adam Smith also explained that without the police stopping competition, monopolies couldn’t survive for very long. Thirdly, Adam Smith wrote the most powerful incentive is Self–interest. The reason for this is that people will work harder and more efficiently if they can keep the majority of the earn and he also explained that if governments grow to greedy, they will discourage and wreck peoples confidence from trying create their own wealth. He explained that Self-interest is an unchangeable part of human nature. So he was saying that it is wise for the government to let personal incentives build a richer economy. Smith’s idea was thought to be kind of like Karl Maxi’s Utopia but it is found to be way more sophisticated. Fourthly, Adam Smith believed that the government was to be a strong necessity. Particularly, to create and enforce laws and to ensure justice. Mr. Smith strongly

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