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d A family business is any kind of business which is entirely owned by the members of a single family. A family business is passed on from generations to generations without any requirements among the family members which create unity among the family. Regarding the first question asked, “Should Charlie be chosen as the next president of Adams Funeral Homes? Why or why not? And if the meeting should be scheduled for the following Thursday”, the next paragraph will answered and elaborated more based on the case given. Charlie is Robert’s son who apparently is the equal owner together with Rick of the family business known as Adams Funeral Home. He is also Rick’s nephew and a potential fourth generation successor. In my opinion I would…show more content…
True leaders are both “nature and nurture” which means they are born with a talent and education help to increase the talent and Charlie was both nature and nurture. Charlie had awareness about what was happening in the business, based on his experience and him starting helping out in the family business at a very young age, he had a reflection of the family business’s strengths and weakness. The strengths he reflected were such as the business was customer – focused, clear on its mission on serving and providing acknowledgement to the family who lost their loved ones. His reflection on the weakness on the business were that they business was not being led well especially after his uncle Joseph Adams passed away in which they had employed a non family member as the general manager. Additionally he also reflected that there were too many people without the right skills which affected the business. A successor is a person who succeeds another in a workplace in terms of position. [ (successor - definition of successor by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia., n.d.) ] Robert who is the equal owner of the business as Richard also considers his son Charlie a well qualified to be a successor, Therefore Charlie should be the chosen as the next president of Adams Funeral home and it should happen in the meeting which is scheduled for the following Thursday because the sooner the better. He can make all the necessary chances

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